Nualgi Ponds

Product Description

Nualgi Ponds

Nualgi is a liquid additive containing twelve essential nutrients on a nano silica base to restore balance, improve water quality, and control nuisance algae in your pond.

What is Nualgi?

Diatoms are tiny algae that are essential for a healthy pond. Nualgi is food for these diatoms, so they experience a growth boost, consuming more of the nitrogen and phosphorus in the water. Because diatoms photosynthesize faster and in less light, they outcompete the bad algae and starve it of food – preventing it from turning your pond green.

Nualgi Ponds


  • Combats Nuisance Algae
  • Safe Without Constant Aeration
  • Safe for Fish and Crustaceans
  • Easy-to-Use, Fast, Efficient, and Naturally Safe
  • Safe for Healthy Bacteria & Enzymes
  • Classified as Nontoxic
  • Improves Biological Filtration
  • Increases Nutrient Bioavailability
  • Delivers Live Food for Fish
  • Provides Nutrients for Aquatic Plants
Maximum quantity available reached.


You should see less algae buildup on the pond surface and in the filter. Eventually you’ll be able to reduce the amount you feed fish. If you have floating plants, you should see them thrive and become more colorful. In all ponds water should look clearer with fish more active and vibrant.

Patience is important with Nualgi. Some ponds clear in a few days, while others can take over 4 weeks. If it has been over a month of dosing and you have not achieved results, please contact us to help troubleshoot

In a severely eutrophic ponds, results will be visible by the first afternoon – bubbling up of oxygen, foul odor stops, blue green algae may crash and float up, etc. Water may appear brown or turn green, but that is part of the biological process.


Shake the bottle vigorously and measure out the proper dose. Better to under dose than to add more than the recommended amount.

Physically remove dead leaves, debris and any algae that you can scoop out before starting the Nualgi dose.


Nualgi Ponds should be dosed every 7 days, preferably in the morning to maximize effectiveness.

You can use Nualgi Ponds throughout the winter and spring by following dosing on the label. Use reduced dose frequency as the water temperature changes. Below is a guide on how often to apply Nualgi Ponds into your water system.

40°-49° – Dose once a month
50°-59° – Dose once every two weeks
60°+ – Dose once a week with normal instructions


Nualgi Ponds should be dosed every 5 days where the algae cover 20% of the pond. Reduce dosage to once per 7 days after algae drops to 10% of the pond.


Extract the appropriate dose and dilute in appropriate amount of water. It is important to know the volume of water in your pond before dosing Nualgi. Nualgi is dosed at 1ml per 1000 gallons per week in ponds with algae. If possible, Nualgi should be dosed early in the morning. For ponds under 5000 gallons with good flow, Nualgi can be dosed directly into the skimmer or the waterfall or some other area of good flow. For larger ponds, dilute the dosage in a jar of pond water and pour it in the accessible parts of the pond by walking around the periphery.


Store in a dark cool place – Nualgi does not need to be refrigerated but should be stored away from direct light.

60ml treats 60,000 gallons
125ml treats 125,000 gallons
250ml treats 250,000 gallons
500ml treats 500,000 gallons

Dosage Rates

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