Interpet Pond Balance

Product Description

Pond Balance String Algae Control by Interpet

Pond Balance is used to reduce string algae in ponds and streams.

Interpet Pond Balance


  • Multi-dose product
  • Not temperature sensitive
  • Prevents growth of algae by starving it of specific nutrients
  • Not an algaecide
  • Loosens string algae for easy removal by hand or filtration

Before Pond Balance 
Before using Pond Balance

After Pond Balance
3 days after using Pond Balance

Maximum quantity available reached.

Further Information

8751 - 17.6 oz-Treats 3,600 gallons
8752 - 52.9 oz-Treats 10,800 gallons
8753 - 20.6 lb Bucket - Treats 62,000 gallons

The container size you buy is determined by the volume of your pond. You need to treat the pond three times in the first 30 days (so every 10 days) and then once a month thereafter. Simply multiply your pond volume by the number of times you need to treat to figure out the box size you need to buy.

For example, a 1,000 gallon pond will be treated from mid April to mid October. You'll need 3 treatments from mid April to mid May and then one treatment every following month. Total treatments will be 8. 8 x 1000 gallons is 8000 gallons. So you would buy the Super size box that treats 10800 gallons (with some left to start the following season).

  • Apply 1 dosage spoon (10ml) (included in box) of product for every 90 gallons of water.
  • Mix Pond Balance in a bucket with water then pour evenly over surface of the pond.
  • Repeat dosage two more times at 10 day intervals.
  • Treat monthly to maintain pond balance and water clarity.
  • Water may turn milky white for a few hours after application.
  • Results show after the second dose, but complete results take 4-6 weeks.

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