Microbe-Lift Legacy Cold Weather Food

Product Description

Specially Formulated for Cold Water Conditions

Microbe-Lift Legacy Cold Weather Food is made with lesser amounts of protein, and higher amounts of the wheat germ which is easily digested.

Microbe -Lift Legacy Wheat Germ


  • Spring and Fall formula
  • Low fat and high carbohydrate; all the energy without the fat
  • Floating pellets
  • Keeps pond water clean and clear
  • Enriched with stable vitamin C that reduces stress
Maximum quantity available reached.

Pellet Size

  • Medium Pellet (4.5 - 5 mm) is ideal for medium-sized fish (5” and bigger)

How much: Feed as much as fish will completely consume within three minutes.

How often: Feed once a day, and three times a week as it gets colder.

Sprinkle the fish food in the same area of the pond each day. Your fish will quickly learn to come to the same spot, helping to reduce uneaten food.

Why: Wheat germ is a high carbohydrate, high energy, low-fat fish food. Fish stop feeding once the water temperature falls below 40°F (4.5°C). This means going without food for up to five months of the year. Feeding them in the fall with a fish food high in energy helps reserve their fat for the fasting period.


Store in a dark, cool place from one season to the next.

Fish Meal, Whole Wheat, Dehulled Soybean Meal, Wheat Middlings, Corn Gluten Meal, Fish Oil.

Crude Protein - 32% min.
Crude Fat - 7% min.
Crude Fiber - 5% max.
Moisture - 8% max.
Ash - 8% max.
Phosphorus - 1.3% max.
Copper - 7 mg/kg min.

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