JPD Koi Food - Shogun (All Season/Cold Weather)

Product Description

Specially Formulated for Cold Water Conditions

JPD Shogun All Season Koi Food is one of the most advanced Koi Foods available. The benefit of JPD Shogun koi food will become clear within the first 10 days of feeding. When Shogun koi food is fed over longer periods, the colours of your koi become more vibrant, and the overall health of your Koi will improve.

JPD Shogun Fish Food


  • Formulated with probiotics that reduce the waste in the water and regulate the functions of the intestines
  • Low fat and high carbohydrate; all the energy without the fat
  • Floating pellets
  • Keeps pond water clean and clear
  • Formulated with vitamins C and E, and grape seed oil to help protect fish from viruses, disease, and oxidation
  • Enriched with stable vitamin C that reduces stress
Maximum quantity available reached.

Pellet Size

  • Small Pellet (3 mm) is ideal for small to medium-sized fish (1.5" to 8")
  • Medium Pellet (4.5 mm) is ideal for medium-sized fish (6” and bigger)
  • Large Pellet (7 mm) is ideal for large-sized koi (12” plus)

How do you know which food to use?

  • When the temperature is around 12°C/54°F, use Shogun.
  • When the temperature is around 14°C/57°F, mix Shogun and Fujizakura in a 1:1 ratio.
  • When the temperature is above 17°C/63°F, mix Fujizakura with Shori.
  • When the temperature is stable and above 17°C/63°F you can switch from Fujizakura to Akafuji and mix with Shori throughout the summer.
  • When the temperature backs down to 15°C/59°F, switch back to Fujizakura and Shogun in a 1:1 ratio.
  • When the temperature drops to 14°C/57°F, use only Shogun.

How much: Feed as much as fish will completely consume within three minutes.

How often: Feed once a day.

Sprinkle the fish food in the same area of the pond each day. Your fish will quickly learn to come to the same spot, helping to reduce uneaten food.

Why: Wheat germ is a high carbohydrate, high energy, low-fat fish food. Fish stop feeding once the water temperature falls below 40°F (4.5°C). This means going without food for up to five months of the year. Feeding them in the fall with a fish food high in energy helps reserve their fat for the fasting period.

Store in a dark, cool place from one season to the next.

Shogun Ingredients

Protein - 36%
Fat - 7%
Fiber - 4%
Moisture - 11%
Ash - 14%

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