Water Lettuce

Water lettuce (Pistia stratiotes) is a floating aquatic.

As its name implies, water lettuce resembles a floating open head of lettuce.  Water lettuce has very thick leaves that are light dull green, are hairy, and are ridged.  There are no leaf stalks.  Water lettuce roots are light-coloured and feathery.  Its flowers are inconspicuous.  Individual rosettes can range from 2” to 18” across.

Water lettuce should be grown in the shade; the sun turns its leaves yellow.  It obtains all its nutrients directly from the water.  This makes it a great plant to use to combat algae.  The long feathery roots also make great shelter for young fish and other wildlife.

Water lettuce is a very aggressive plant that forms thick mats.  Do not allow the plants to cover the entire surface of the pond as they can cause oxygen depletions and fish kills. 



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