Atlantic Pond Netting Tent-Style

Pond Netting Tent-Style

All season protection for your pond and water garden

  • Mesh netting keeps out pond predators and leaf litter
  • Distinct dome design covers tall pond plants without damage

Distinct dome design extends protection to accommodate water gardens with tall aquatic plants. Multipurpose pond netting is easy to assemble and remove. Protect koi from hungry herons and other predators AND reduce leaf litter and other debris from entering your pond. Black heavy-duty pond netting with 1/2" mesh visually recedes into the background to preserve the natural beauty of your water garden.

Included: Ultra Pond Net, Nylon Base, Center Receptor, Fiberglass Poles (4), 12 ft Tie-downs (4), Ground Stakes (4), Net Stakes (12), Net Clips (8) and Reusable Drawstring Bag.

Dome Size Net Size
7 ft x 9 ft 15 ft x 20 ft
9 ft x 12 ft 20 ft x 20 ft