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Timeslots are available seven days a week and scheduled half an hour apart; starting at 9 am and finishing at 7 pm.   


As you approach our driveway you will notice that we have barricaded it.  However, there is enough room for a vehicle to drive in, coming nose to nose with our closed sign (so you’re off the road).  You are welcome to park horizontally along the shoulder of the road; please just be careful getting out of your car.  Your order will have your name on it and will be placed in one of the beige tote bins (A or B) on the left and right of the closed sign.  I will let you know which pickup bin once a time slot has been set.


Please be assured that we are practicing strict protocols and taking every hygiene precaution when handling your order.  All newly arriving stock is quarantined for three days and sprayed and wiped down with a soap and bleach sanitizer.  We wear gloves at all times, keep our workspaces wiped down and sanitized, and we sanitize the handles and bins following every curbside pickup.