Floating Island Planters

Floating island planters are a great way to grow both annual and perennial moisture-loving and aquatic plants in your pond.  They provide a way to keep plants and koi together in the same pond.  Not only do they provide shade, cover and a safe-haven for fish, but they help control algae.

Floating islands perform the total filtration job - mechanical, bacterial and photosynthetic.  Floating islands allow plant roots to grow in the water, and foliage to trail on the surface.  As a result, the plants help remove nutrients, nitrogen and phosphorus from the water.

Island planters have predrilled holes that accept either 4ins or 6ins pots (included).  They are constructed of heavy duty UV and water resistant polyethylene foam for long life.



9” Creeper
16” Sundial
24” x 27” Mini Pond Raft
Aquascape Island Planter