Flex PVC Hose

* Multipurpose flexible PVC tube for plumbing pond filters and water pumps
* Durable reinforced PVC tubing resists crushing ideal for underground installation
* Easy to connect, disconnect, and replace for convenient pond plumbing

Flex PVC hose resists crushing yet is flexible enough for convenient handling and installation. Connect the hose to pond filters, skimmers, and other pond equipment to transport water from your water pump. Durable, non-kinking tubing can be used for above or below ground installation. Use barbed or insert fittings with the smaller PVC tubing for easy installation. Available per linear foot to suit your plumbing needs.

This flex hose is made for S-40 fittings. Make connections using any PVC glue. The hose's black color makes it ideal for use in water gardens since it is virtually invisible underwater. The black color also prevents sunlight from encouraging algae growth inside the hose. Withstands up to 50psi. Fish safe.

Don't forget the hose clamps.