Aquascape® EPDM Liner One-Sided Cover Tape

EPDM Liner One-Sided Cover Tape - 6"


Aquascape® EPDM Liner One-Sided Cover Tape is ideal for seaming and repairing EPDM liner. This 6-inch wide, one-sided adhesive tape provides the strength necessary to seam or repair liner, ensuring a proper seal. We recommend using a primer for a proper seam.


DESCRIPTION: Firestone QuickSeam Cover Strip is a wide semi-cured EPDM and QuickSeam Tape laminate designed to cover and seal approved Firestone membrane seams.


APPLICATION: Use QuickPrime Plus and QuickScrubber or QuickScrubber Plus pad and handle to clean and prime the membrane and metal components within the seaming area. Install QuickSeam Cover Strip in accordance with Firestone Specialty Products specifications and details.


Part Number:  22005