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PERENNIAL PLANT - sold in bunches containing at least 12 stems

Elodea (Elodea Canadensis), also known as common waterweed, is a submerged aquatic, either anchored or free-floating.

It grows in full sun, and thrives in cool water.  By absorbing nutrients, it helps control algae and keeps water clear.  It produces fragile, branching, tangled stems to 3.5’ long , densely clad with short, drooping, lance-shaped to ovate dark green leaves (to 5/8” long) in whorls of three.

Elodea produces buds (turions) which sink to the bottom in fall, overwinter as dormant buds and produce new plants in spring.  Elodea provides excellent cover for fish, small crustaceans, insect larvae and snails.

Plant in pots and place at the bottom of the pond.

Propagation is through cuttings of the stem.

We choose the best plants available and pack them in good quality material.  All product is dispatched upon receipt of an order. 

Plants will be shipped using Canada Post Xpress Post ONLY.  If you combine hardware with plants in your order, the entire order will be shipped Xpress Post AT YOUR COST.

Annuals are shipped as soon as there is no danger of frost; usually from 31 May onwards.