CrystalClear® PondTint™ Blue & Nite


PondTint™ Blue and Nite


CrystalClear® PondTint™ is a non-toxic pond dye designed to help keep water sparkling clean and cool. C rystalClear®PondTint™ provides UV protection while fitting in with your unique landscaping so water naturally stays clearer than full sun pond water.  Perfect for ponds in the hot summer months.  Available in two colors. CrystalClear® Pond Tint™ Blue and Pond Tint™ Nite.


When To Apply PondTint™: Apply CrystalClear® PondTint™ as needed.  There are no temperature restrictions.


How To Apply PondTint™: Shake well before use.  Apply 1 oz of CrystalClear® PondTint™ for every 1,000 gallons until desired color is achieved. For best results: apply to an area of the pond with the most water flow for proper dispersion of the product.