CrystalClear® D-Solv (Canada Only)™

CrystalClear® D-Solv (Canada Only)


CrystalClear® D-Solv (Canada)™ utilizes the latest cutting edge technology to remove pond owners’ worst pond problem. CrystalClear® D-Solv (Canada)™ cleans in seconds of application to remove debris, add oxygen and clean the pond from top to bottom.  Use CrystalClear® D-Solv (Canada)™ on waterfalls, plant pots and streams and in minutes your pond will look brand new again.


When To Use D-Solv (Canada)™

CrystalClear® D-Solv (Canada)™ should be used as needed.

How To Use D-Solv (Canada)™

Apply 1 oz of CrystalClear® D-Solv (Canada)™ per 600 gallons into ponds with vigorous aeration. Do not use more than directed and do not add more than once a week.  For best results dilute solution with pond water before adding to the pond.  Remove excess debris prior to treatment.


CrystalClear® D-Solv (Canada)™ Dosage Rates
Surface Area
(In Square Feet)
D-Solv (Canada)™
(Maximum Once a Week)
Up to 25 Sq Ft 1 Ounce
Up to 50 Sq Ft 2 Ounces
Up to 100 Sq Ft 4 Ounces
Up to 200 Sq Ft 8 Ounces


Material Safety Data Sheet