Americo Filter Media

Americo Filter Media

  • 2in thick; 56in wide; black
  • 1in thick; 56in wide; black
  • Sold per sq.inch

The material is used exclusively in virtually all US manufactured pond skimmers and waterfall units.

The open character of this filter media allows for high volumes of water to pass through without clogging while providing optimal surface area to facilitate bacterial colonization.

It can also be used as a replacement media for many filters out on the market. Americo Filter Material is non-organic and will resist clogging and breakdown for a longer time than most other materials.

The media comes on rolls that are 20ft long x 56in wide.

  • 1ins = 10c/
  • 2ins = 12c/

Will custom cut the filter media.  In the quantity box type in the total square inches (e.g.  24"x24" =  And in the "comments section" at checkout, please type in the size filter we should cut (e.g.  24"x24").