Koenders Windmill Kit

Product Description

Koenders Windmill

Aeration is a safe, natural and sustainable way to keep your pond or lake healthy and balanced all season. By increasing oxygen levels in the water, the Koenders windmill improves the circulation and speeds up the decomposition of organic matter.

No Hydro? No Problem!

Eco-friendly! No electricity required; it’s powered by the wind!

Koenders Windmill


  • Single diaphragm system
  • Galvanized finish
  • Suitable for ponds up to 2 acres
  • Produces up to 1.5 cfm at maximum wind speed
  • Tower heights - 12′, 16′ and 20′
  • Reduces algae and deters weed growth
  • Eliminates pond odors by venting off harmful gases
  • Reduces fish kill during hot and cold weather by dissolving increased levels of oxygen in the water
  • Can be located up to 1000ft from the water source

Windmill Features

  • 1″ turned, ground and polished steel crankshaft. Long lasting, heavy duty, durable sealed bearings
  • Steam-lined and large-surface blades are engineered for most efficient operation in low and high wind speeds
  • Durable and efficient diaphragm allows the windmill to save energy but still produce maximum air volume and maximum longevity
  • 1/2″ piston stroke is engineered for the most efficient air production and maximum diaphragm life
  • The large surfaced tail area provides maximum control in all wind speeds and ensures efficient overall operation
  • The rigidity of the strong tail arms further ensure windmill control
  • Top mounted compressor is connected through a rigid pivot tube and provides smooth operation, mechanical longevity and easy maintenance
  • Pivot tube has been re-engineered to eliminate ice buildup
  • The strong, cross brace reinforcement tower design gives added strength to any tower height, and discourages climbing
Maximum quantity available reached.

Important Information

The Koenders Single Diaphragm Windmill Aeration System includes: 12′, 16′ or 20′ windmill, single diaphragm compressor, 100′ of poly airline, 7” air stone diffuser and a check valve.

PLEASE CALL FOR PRICING - 1-519 666-0132.

Koenders Windmill Specs

The Keonders windmill is a very simple unit to troubleshoot for problems. If it's not pumping air it could be one of the following reasons:

  • Diaphragm worn and has a hole
  • Check valves not closing properly
  • Bearings are worn out and have too much play
  • Air leakage from loose clamps or a hole in the airline going to the pond
  • The check valve at the air stone is damaged
  • Put your ear against the leg while you are standing there and listen. You can hear a lot of the problems down at the bottom. The noises will vibrate down to help you troubleshoot the problem.

If a problem arises that you can’t fix, we can put you in contact with the equipment dealer in Ontario. The problem can be fixed while the windmill is still standing, or it can be laid down quickly for easy repairs.

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