Aquatic Weed Roller

Product Description

Nasty Weeds and Sludge in your Lake or Dug Out?

The Aquatic Weed Roller is an aquatic weed reduction tool that reduces sludge, aquatic weeds and vegetation in a natural dug out pond.

The Concept is Simple

The Aquatic Weed Roller has a very aggressive manner, with six very durable stainless steel blades for cutting and ripping out weeds and chara algae. The main roller with the cutting blades on it is about 24” wide and weighs only 20 lbs. The 4-foot long handle sections (four of them) attach quickly with a simple push of a spring in the handles.

The Aquatic Weed Roller will remove aquatic weeds around docks, along shorelines, in ponds and swimming areas.

Weed Roller  Weed Roller
Before and After


  • removes undesirable weeds and muck from the lake bottom
  • simple and easy to use for all ages and great exercise
  • inexpensive – doesn’t cost $1000’s like other lake weed tools
  • no permit or power required
  • portable – use in all areas and depths that other tools miss
  • no expensive and harmful chemicals used in your lake
  • no maintenance required
  • powder-coated aluminum; stainless steel blades; PVC plastic heavy-duty roller
  • weeds fly off the roller - no need to stop, just keep rolling
  • 1-year warranty on all parts
Maximum quantity available reached.

Important Information

  • 16ft in total includes 4 x 4ft handles
  • don’t exceed two extra extensions because it will become too flimsy

Weed Roller

Use Sludge Reduction Pellets to the shoreline before you use the weed roller to further speed up the natural cleaning process. The roller will create deep cavities and pockets in the sludge, and the pellets will sink and mix into the sediments.

In heavily weeded zones it is best to first cut the weeds with the roller, then after the main debris has been cleared you can add the recommended amount of muck pellets and proceed to use the roller to evenly mix the pellets into the sludge.

  • lower the two foot roller cutter into the water
  • allow the roller to fill with water and sink to the bottom of the lake
  • use the handle to push the weed roller along the bottom of the lake
  • the six custom blades will rip, cut, and pull up weeds and muck
  • repeat this in all areas until your lake or dug out bottom is cleared and clean

To order additional handles CLICK HERE.

Ships in an 8″x 8′ x 48″ box anywhere in Canada.

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