OASE Pondovac 4

Product Description

Pond Vacuum

The quality German-made Pondovac 4 from OASE makes cleaning your pond of sludge, fish waste, organic matter and other sediment easy and hassle-free, without having to drain the pond. Important: this is a gravity discharge vacuum!

Is it Just for the Pond?

No! It will clean the debris out of pools and swim-ponds as well!

OASE Pondo4 Vacuum


  • 2.6gal (9.8L), two chamber system means non-stop cleaning (simultaneous vacuuming and emptying of the tank)
  • 8ft (2.4m) suction depth
  • High performance 1800w motor
  • Hand regulator for adjusting the suction power in shallow ponds
  • Sturdy built-in wheels and an adjustable handle allow for convenient transportation
  • The discharge set includes 8ft (2.4m) hose with connections and collection bag for coarse debris particles
  • Gravity discharge allows you to simply dispose of the organic waste into the garden
  • Five nozzle head accessories included: adjustable floor nozzle (brush and rollers), string algae nozzle, brush nozzle, multi (gravel) nozzle and wide nozzle
Maximum quantity available reached.

Important Information

  • When you use the debris collection bag on the end of the drain hose, you can return the water (free from debris) into the pond. As an alternative, the removed pond sludge can be used as plant fertilizer. In this case, lay the drain hose directly in the garden.
  • Never operate the unit without foam filter or float body
  • The greater the number of suction tubes used, the greater the reduction in suction capacity
  • 4 extension tubes (3 x robust aluminum tubes, 1 x transparent)
  • 5 suction nozzles (adjustable floor nozzle, string algae nozzle, brush nozzle, and multi (gravel) nozzle and wet vacuum nozzle)
  • 1 Debris collection bag
  • 16ft (4.8m) suction hose
  • 8ft (2.4m) discharge hose
  • Wheels

OASE Pondo4 Vacuum Specs

Place the vacuum a minimum distance of 6-1/2ft from the pond edge. Ensure a safe and stable position. Ensure that the drain opening at the back is above the water level. Plug the drain hose into the drain opening at the back of the vacuum. Ensure that the hose lies straight and flat and points a little downhill. Avoid kinks or bends caused by unevenness of the ground. Allow unrestricted draining of the water.

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