CrystalClear® Summer Staple Fish Food

Product Description

Specially Formulated for Summer Feeding

CrystalClear Fish Food is designed for year-round feeding to produce maximum growth, color enhancement, and vitality.

CrystalClear Fish Food

Fish Food Refill Program

We initiated a fish food refill service in an endeavor to reduce plastic waste. Customers are encouraged to bring in their used fish food container (one they bought from us with fish food in it) for a refill. Participants in the program not only help reduce plastic waste but save 10% on their refill!


  • 3mm pellet size only
  • Nitrogen flushed for maximum freshness
  • A premium blend of vitamins and minerals specifically designed to increase color, growth, and vitality
  • High levels of stabilized Vitamin C and Capsanthin (natural pigment) to assist with an increased color vibrancy
Maximum quantity available reached.

Pellet Size

  • Small Pellet (3mm) is ideal for small to medium-sized fish (2" to 8")

How much: Feed as much as fish will completely consume within three minutes.

How often: Feed up to twice a day.

Sprinkle the fish food in the same area of the pond each day. Your fish will quickly learn to come to the same spot, helping to reduce uneaten food.

Store in a dark, cool place from one season to the next.

Whole Wheat, Fish Meal, Wheat Germ, Soybean Meal, Blood Meal.

Crude Protein - 35% min
Crude Fat - 7% min
Crude Fiber - 5% max
Moisture - 10%
Phosphorus - 1%
Ash – 9% max

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