Pond Snails

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Pond Snails

Pond snails are scavengers that consume algae and clean up plant debris in the pond.  They are small to large-sized, air-breathing, freshwater snails.

Melantho Snail


There are a number of varieties that are suitable for the pond: Trapdoor, Melantho, Ramshorn, and Wandering Pond Snail.


  • Melantho, Ramshorn, and Wandering Pond snails (Ampullaceana balthica) leave trails of eggs on plants. They are Hermaphroditic, meaning that two organisms of any sex have the ability to breed and produce offspring.
  • Trapdoor snails bear live young.  They are non-hermaphroditic, meaning that each trapdoor snail is either a male or a female.  Trapdoor snails are large and round and grow to golf ball size.** (see further information below).  They are members of the Viviparis malleatus family.
  • Melantho snails are cone-shaped and grow to about 1” in length.  They are members of the Lymnaea family, as are the Wandering Pond snails.
  • Ramshorn snails are flat and curled around (like a coil or ram’s horn) and grow to a diameter of 1”.  They are either members of the Planorbella duryi and Planorbarius corneus families.
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Please note that by law (CFIA), it is illegal to buy, trade or sell Trapdoor snails in Canada.

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