Mosquito Dunks®

Product Description

Stop West Nile Virus!

Mosquito Dunks® are Canada's best-selling home owner mosquito control product.

Mosquito Dunks®

Kills mosquitoes before they’re old enough to bite! Great for use in flower pots, tree holes, bird baths, roof gutters, rain barrels, old tires, unused swimming pools, and animal watering troughs.

Mosquito Dunks


  • The only product with BTI, a bacteria toxic only to mosquito larvae
  • Non-toxic to all other wildlife, pets, fish, and humans
  • Simply apply Mosquito Dunks® to any standing water, pond or water garden
  • One Dunk treats 100 square feet of surface water
  • Kills within hours and lasts for 30 days or more
  • Registered for sale by Healthy Canada Pest Management Regulatory Agency and deemed Fit for Organic production by the USEPA
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