Lotus - Chawan Basu

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Hardy Perennial

TUBERS ARE NOW AVAILABLE (usually available from 15 May - 15 June)

Lotus Tubers

Chawan Basu Lotus

Chawan Basu is a very free flowering semi-dwarf lotus. The creamy white blossoms are edged in pink. A good choice for containers and small to medium water gardens.

Chawan Basu Lotus


  • 18 petals
  • Very fragrant
  • 12”-17” leaves
  • 5”-7” flowers
  • Grows 2ft-3ft tall when mature in full sun
  • Water depth: 3" - 16" (maximum water depth is for a mature lotus)
  • Hardiness Zone: 4
Maximum quantity available reached.


Due to their vigorous growth and blooming, lotuses must be fertilized each year at the start of summer with slow release fertilizer found here.

Keep in mind that lotus require 6-8 hours of direct sunshine in order to bloom and grow to their full potential.

Gather the following items:

  • A large (16” min.) ROUND tub without holes. If your container has drainage holes, line the tub with a scrap of rubber liner first. It is very important not to use a square or rectangular tub because tubers will grow into the corners and stop growing.
  • Slow release fertilizer found here
  • Aquatic soil – if you cannot get aquatic soil, use a heavy topsoil with a little clay. Do not use garden soil or anything with peat moss or too much organic material in it. If you do, some of the organic material will float in the water and it will tend to make your newly planted tubers rot.
  • A small spade.

Varieties sold as a “bare-root” must be potted in an 18”-24” round tub (no holes) to keep their invasive roots restrained. Since a large tub can be difficult to manage, many ponders opt to plant a lotus in a container independent of the pond. A suitable container is water-tight and deep enough to allow 3”-5” of water over the soil.

The tuber is very fragile, and requires special care when transporting and planting. It should be planted as soon as you buy it (April, May or June). In most cases, a lotus will not flower until well established and in its second year.

  1. Fill tub half way with aquatic soil. Place fertilizer on the leveled soil (prevents leeching into the water).
  2. Fill the tub with aquatic soil to within 3” of the top of the tub.
  3. Lay the lotus tuber flat at the edge of the tub, with the growing tip pointing towards the middle, and the leaf standing up. Do not bury the tuber! Cover the tuber with a couple of small rocks, and stake the leaf if necessary.
  4. Do not attempt to divide the tuber.
  5. Do not cover the leaf with soil.
  6. Spread about an inch of pea gravel over the top to hold everything in place, and to prevent the soil from clouding the water. Most of the tuber should still be visible.
  7. Slowly submerge the tub in the pond so it is about 6” below the surface. You may need to use bricks to elevate the tub to the correct height.


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