Japanese Tamasaba Goldfish

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Tamasaba Japanese Goldfish

Imported into Canada for the first time in 2021!

What are Japanese Tamasaba?

Japanese Tamasaba goldfish are a rare ornamental from Japan bred by Niigata breeders. They are hardy and can grow up to 10 inches in length. Their bodies are round with arched backs and long, flowing tail fins. They have solid red and white skin patterns.

Tamasabas make great companions for their much bigger distant Koi relatives. They may not be big, but they are highly confident, and will compete with the bigger koi for food. Their care is the same as for any active single tail goldfish. Good clean water, excellent filtration, high quality food, and frequent monitoring of the water conditions.

Japanese Tamasaba Goldfish


  • Our Tamasaba stock comes directly from Kanenko Koi Farm in Japan
  • Will grow up to 10”
  • Buy (5) and save 10%
  • Hardy in our SWO winters
  • Red and white skin patterns; may be more red or more white
Maximum quantity available reached.

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