Floating Island Planters

Product Description

Floating Islands

Floating island planters are a great way to grow both annual and perennial moisture-loving and aquatic plants in your pond.

Islands as Filters

Floating islands perform the total filtration job - mechanical, bacterial and photosynthetic. Floating islands allow plant roots to grow in the water, and foliage to trail on the surface. As a result, the plants help remove nutrients, nitrogen, and phosphorus from the water.

Floating Island


  • Constructed of heavy-duty UV and water resistant polyethylene foam
  • They provide a way to keep plants and koi together in the same pond
  • They provide your fish with shade, protection from predators, the plants are protected from grazing fish, and they help reduce algae
  • Help remove nutrients, nitrogen and phosphorus from pond water
  • Comes with all pots
Maximum quantity available reached.
  • Sundial – 16 inches in diameter – holds 4 x 4 inch pots and 1 x 6 inch pot.

Sundial Floating Island

  • Centrepiece Raft – 48 inches long x 27 inches wide – holds 14 x 6” pots and 2 x 8” pots.

Centerpiece Floating Island

  • Aquascape Floating Island – 15 inches long x 11 inches wide – fill with planting medium and plant directly into the island.

Aquascape Floating Island

There are many plants that grow successfully in floating islands. Below is a list of some aquatic and terrestrial plants that have proven very successful:

  • Maiden Hair Fern
  • Sweet Potato Vine
  • Taro
  • Dwarf Papyrus
  • Umbrella Palm
  • Gazania (African Daisy)
  • Ginger
  • Chameleon Plant
  • Impatiens
  • Creeping Jenny
  • Parrots Feather
  • Rain Lily
  • Aquatic Mint
  • Water Celery
  • Calla Lily
  • Brooklime
  • Bog Strawberry

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