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Imported into Canada from Japan!

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Our standard koi are flown into Canada directly from Sakazumi, Kanno and Sekiguchi Koi Farms in Japan. We have limited the farms to three in order to maintain good quality, colour, breeding and health.

We have also limited the varieties to a general Gosanke mix (Kohaku, Goshiki, Sanke), Hi Utsuri, Golden Corn, Goshiki and Showa.

Shipping has almost doubled over the last few years, and unfortunately, this drives up prices.

These koi arrived in Canada in January 2023 and have been in quarantine since.

Platinum Ogon


  • Our stock comes directly from Sakazumi, Kanno and Sekiguchi Koi Farms in Japan
  • Currently 5"-6" in size
  • Hardy in our SWO winters
  • Mix of colours
$100.00 $134.99
Maximum quantity available reached.


We understand and appreciate that it is very difficult to order koi online without seeing individual fish and their colours!  We sell so many koi every week, that we simply cannot photograph and list each one.

Hi Utsuri (black body with orange/red patterns over the body, head, and fins), Golden Corn (there are three varieties of Golden Corn: bright orange base with red pattern, grey-white base with red-orange pattern, and grey-white base with yellow pattern), all gin rin, Goshiki (white, red, black, light blue, and dark blue), Platinum Ogon {solid white with metallic appearance), Gin Rin (sparking scales in all colours), Kohaku (white body with red/orange markings), Showa (black body with red and white markings), Sanke (white body with red and black markings).

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