Microbe-Lift Ammonia Remover with ClorAm-X

Product Description

Removes and Detoxifies Ammonia, Chloramines and Chlorine

Microbe-Lift Dry Ammonia Remover uses a patented process that removes chlorine, destroys chloramines and completely eliminates the ammonia that is left behind when the chloramine bond is broken.

Completely Safe

Microbe-Lift Dry Ammonia Remover contains ClorAm-X® a patented molecule that will remove 1 ppm of ammonia with every dose. It is so safe, that it may be dosed up to 10x the standard dose with no toxicity.


Microbe-Lift Dry Ammonia Remover


  • Ship live animals without toxic ammonia problems for 72+ hours
  • Can be combined with antibiotics and anesthetics
  • Completely safe for biological filters
  • Tested with shrimp, shellfish, aquatic invertebrates
  • Suitable for use with fish and shellfish intended for human consumption
  • Can be used in any water temperature above 32º F (0º C)
  • Has no smell and is a colorless solution
Maximum quantity available reached.

Important Information

Test with salicylic sp ammonia test kit. Ammonia Remover binds ammonia and converts it to a non-toxic form (ammonium) which is then removed by the filter.

Direction for use:
For each measured or anticipated 1 mg/L of total ammonia, 1oz of ClorAm-X will treat 235gal of water. It will remove 1 ppm of total ammonia, 3.2 ppm of chloramines, and 2.0 ppm of chlorine.

1lb treats 3,760 gal (14, 233 L)
5lb treats 18,800 gal (71,165 L)

For total ammonia-nitrogen, multiply the above dosages by 0.8

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