OASE Filtral UVCs 400, 800 & 1600

Product Description

All-in-One Pump, Filter and UVC Unit

The new and improved Oase Filtral UVC combines pump, filter and UV into a single, compact, all in one pond filter solution for pre-formed pond shells and small ponds.

OASE Filtral 400 & 800


  • Compact all-in-one filter unit
  • Integrated UV Clarifier for crystal clear water
  • Utilizes four different types of filter media
  • Mechanical, biological and Ultra Violet filtration coupled with an aeration option (800 & 1600 models only)
  • Easy-open clips allow quick access to filter media without dismantling the fountain
  • Three interchangeable fountain nozzles are included to create attractive water displays
  • Pivoting telescoping fountain nozzle extends 5ins, and the built-in flow control and diverter valve can run a small secondary water feature using the included stepped hose adapter
  • The easy-to-install Filtral sits completely underwater
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty

How Much Water will the Filtral Filters Clean?

Fish Load Filtral 400
Filtral 800 Filtral 1600
Pond without fish
Pond with goldfish
Pond with Koi
<400 gallons
<200 gallons
<800 gallons
<400 gallons

<1600 gallons
<800 gallons

Maximum quantity available reached.

Each Filtral™ comes equipped with four different types of filter media. This is truly a benefit to the pond owner. To have a filter and filter pump in one cuts down on energy cost and guarantees that you have all the components necessary to achieve clean and clear water all season long.

The Filtral has an integrated up pipe and discharge that can be used for 2 basic functions, a fountain display and waterfall.

Filtral Specs

Filtral 400 is 195gph
Filtral 800 is 235gph
Filtral 1600 is 410gph

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