OASE FiltoClear Replacement Foam Set

Product Description

Replacement Filter Foams

These filter pads are designed specifically to fit the OASE FiltoClear filters.

Which Filter Do I Have?

OASE has had two generations of pressure filters. Gen 1 was the FiltoClear 800/1600/3000 filters. Gen 2 was the FiltoClear 3000/4000/8000 filters.

  • FiltoClear 800/1600/3000 were made between 2005-2014.
  • FiltoClear 3000/4000/8000 were made 2015 onwards.

Which Filter Pads Do I Need?

FiltoClear 800/1600/3000:

OASE FiltoClear G1 Foams

FiltoClear 3000/4000/8000:

OASE FiltoClear G2 Filter Foams

Maximum quantity available reached.

FiltoClear replacement filter pads do not come separately; they can only be purchased as a set.

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