MaxBio MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) Filter Media

Product Description

MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) Filter Media

MaxBio is a black plastic floating MBBR filter media.

MaxBio MBBR Media

How Does it Work?

The plastic MBBR media provides an increased surface area on which colonies of biological micro-organisms attach and grow. The media is continuously moving; being agitated by the air bubbles from an aeration system, and this transports oxygen to the biofilm growing on the media.  The main advantages of MaxBio is biofilm control, and self cleaning. Due to the constant aeration, the media exfoliate against one another, removing waste and exfoliating old and inefficient layers of biofilm.


  • Active surface area:  ⩽ 9150sq.ft. (850m2) per 3cu.ft (1m3) of MaxBio
    • Provides a larger surface area for enzyme activity thereby reducing pollutants in the water
  • Forms a thin layer of biofilm within 7-20 days (in a stable environment)
  • Clog resistant
  • Improved removal of toxins
    • The media supplies the best accelerated growth environment for colonies of nitro-bacteria, and significantly improves microbial decomposition of ammonia and nitrogen
  • The size, shape and structure of the media enhances dissolved oxygen levels throughout pond water
  • High hydrophilic functionality of the media speeds up biofilm formation and increases adhesion capabilities
    • The moving media in the water greatly improves the transfer efficiency of organic pollutants, and speeds up the microbial decomposition of organic waste
  • Moving bed filters remove organic matter two to five times better than other traditional filter styles
  • Easy to upgrade or expand
Maximum quantity available reached.
  • Available in a 1 cubic ft. bag (28.3L) and 2 cubic ft. bag (56.6L).
  • 1 cubic ft. weighs 7.5lb (3.5kg); 2cu.ft. weighs 15lb (7kg).
  • How much you need will depend on your filter chamber. The chamber should be filled approximately 60% to 75%.   Roughly, you will need 1 cubic ft. per 17lb of fish.
  • Media Size:  0.4in x 0.4in (10mm x 10mm).
  • HDPE material has a life-span of up to 15 years.
  • The more you feed fish and the higher the fish load, the more you have to clean the media.
  • It is recommended to that you clean it weekly.
  • If replacing current filter media in a gravity or pressure filter, use the same amount of MaxBio (you will probably double your filtering!).
Moving Bed Filter set up at Hoseki Koi
Moving Bed Filter

Moving Bed Filter set up at Hoseki Koi
Moving Bed Filter

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