Americo Filter Media

Product Description

Poly-Flo Filter Media

100% of the polyester fiber used in Americo's Poly-Flo filter media comes from recycled materials, with the primary source being recycled soda and water bottles!

PolyFlo Filter Material


  • 1-1/4in thick; 56in wide; black
  • Sold in custom sized pieces and priced per square inch
  • May be rinsed and washed for continued use
  • For use in a skimmer, biofalls and filter
  • Integral to promoting a healthy ecosystem
  • Designed to contain high surface area for beneficial bacterial colonization
  • Resists clogging and channeling
  • Is durable, long lasting and UV resistant
  • Designed to trap debris while allowing a high volume of water to pass through
  • Non-toxic to fish
Maximum quantity available reached.

Further Information

Mechanical filtration simply entails the removal of unwanted particulate and debris from pond water by trapping particles in a closely-woven filter media until the particles are removed from the media by cleaning…much like an air filter. Mechanical filtration is highly efficient, and will trap all but the smallest particles. This high efficiency requires the pad to be cleaned at frequent intervals due to clogging.


The media comes on rolls that are 20ft long x 56in wide.

Price = 15c/

For custom sizes, orders must be phoned in to us.

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