Aquascape Blue Heron Decoy

Product Description

Blue Heron Decoy

The Aquascape Blue Heron Decoy deters herons from coming to the pond by tricking them into thinking another heron is already there.

Blue Heron Decoy


  • Looks life-like
  • Quick and easy set-up (includes mounting stake)
  • Hand-painted with non-fading, non-glare, all weather paint
  • Surface treated to prevent paint flaking
  • Molded from durable lightweight polymer
  • Bird and stake measures 29″ L x 7.5″ W x 43″ H
Maximum quantity available reached.

The Great Blue Heron has an insatiable appetite for fish and frogs. This makes them quite the nuisance for backyard ponds and water gardens. Herons, like most of our birds, are legally protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

Great Blue Herons are territorial and will aggressively defend their hunting areas from all intruders, including other herons. The Great Blue Heron Decoy is made to look like a young heron. The decoy is seen by other herons who then fly onwards to find unoccupied hunting grounds and avoid an unnecessary confrontation.

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