Canadian Aquatic Soil

Product Description

Canadian Aquatic Soil


We utilize a local company to make our aquatic soil. The soil composition is one we've worked on for a number of years. It is a mixture of screened clay and heavy topsoil and contains no peat, no sand, and no compost. We've found that this mix is heavy enough to keep tall plants stable and water lilies in their containers. It also contains enough minerals that the plants grown very well in it and their roots can easily move around the pot.

For 2022, we are having trouble getting the screened clay, so make sure you add some peastone to the top of the soil to weigh the pot down and keep soil from leeching out.

Refill Program

The soil comes in a dark green re-usable bag that hold up to 50lbs. When the bag is returned for a refill, you save $1 per refill.

Canadian Aquatic Soil


  • Woven polypropylene resists punctures and tears.
  • Maximum UVI protection - lasts 1,600 hours in the sun.
  • Dense, tight weave holds almost any dry substance.
  • Built-in ties.
Maximum quantity available reached.


26”H x 14”W – when filled can weigh up to 50lbs! Enough soil to fill up to a 4 gallon nursery container.

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