Tetra GreenFree® UVC


GreenFree® UVC

Product Details

Dependable clarifiers use ultraviolet light to destroy the reproductive ability of suspended algae. Dead algae clump together in particles large enough to be removed by filtration,leaving the pond clearer.

GreenFree® clarifiers usually remove heavy algae blooms within five days and keep the pond algae-free. New design prevents quartz sleeve being damaged from incoming dirt in the water flow and spiral feature allows water to stay longer in the unit for greater UV exposure. They are easy to conceal, durable, and install in minutes.

Model Volume Inlet/Outlet Watts Flow


660 gal

¾" 1" & 1¼"




4,400 gal

¾", 1" & 1¼"




8,800 gal

¾", 1" & 1¼"




  • Dimensions: approximetly - 10.75"L x 11.5" W (includes barbed adapters) x 3.5" H
  • 3 Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty (UV Lamp excluded)
  • UL Listed
  • Weatherproof and built to last
  • Convenient viewing window - makes it easy to ensure bulb is working
  • Compact, durable, easy to install and energy efficient.

    Warranty Details

    You may register your Tetra equipment products using the Tetra online warranty registration here.


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