Atlantic Pond Netting Ultra™

Pond Netting Ultra™

Pond net keeps autumn leaves out of the pond as well as pine needles or other windblown debris from entering your pond. Constructed of heavy-duty UV-resistant polypropylene, Ultra Pond Nets will last for years. The ½” x ½” opening keeps debris out while allowing sunlight and fresh

Every Package of Ultra Pond Nets Includes:

• Heavy-duty pond netting
• ½” x ½” hole size
• UV light protected
• Each net is packed with 12 net stakes


• Keeps out leaves and other windblown debris
• Protects fish from heron and other predators
• Helps prevent algae growth by reducing organic waste

Available Pond Net Sizes:

10' x 15'
15' x 20'
20' x 20'