Airmax Pond Logic KA-40 Aeration Pump

Pond Logic KA-40 Aeration Pump

Product Details


This high efficiency low cost aeration pumps is ideal for water gardens and shallow ponds.

It delivers beneficial oxygen and aeration during summer or winter.  Designed for ponds with fish, this air pump bridges the gap between the amount of oxygen supplied by fountains or waterfalls and the level required to keep koi ponds healthy.  Silent, energy-efficient compressor ensures reliable water circulation that eliminates dead spots and improves overall pond wellness.

Pond Logic air pumps are small units with a surprisingly high output. They are built to last with a very durable body and mechanics meaning years of lasting quality airflow. 

  • High Efficiency 
  • Simple Maintenance 
  • Completely Oil-Free 
  • Overload Protection 
  • Silent Operation 
  • Long Life Expectancy 
Pond Logic air pumps utilize linear- motor theorem to reduce power consumption during full operation. Units are fairly quite utilizing spectrum analysis technology in order to reduce any mechanical noise.

Voltage:  120V/60Hz
Wattage:  35 Watts
Air Flow:  1.7 CFM
Max Pond Depth:  10ft
Cord Length:  6ft
Max Pond Size:  8,000-16,000 gallons
Warranty:  3 years

**  This product does NOT include airlines, manifold or air stones.  Click HERE for details.