OASE Filtral UVC 700 & 1200

OASE Filtral UVC 700 & 1200


The Filtral UVC is the multi-functional, compact, pond technology solution designed particularly for pond shells and small ponds. This compact filter unit with integrated UVC technology and pump guarantees clear, healthy pond water and can be set up completely and inconspicuously in the pond.

The Filtral includes the ability to operate with a nozzle display, combining the filtration benefits with additional aeration and one of three beautiful water effects.


Filtral UVC

Filtral UVC


9.7 x 7.2 x 6.3 in.

15 x 11.4 x 6.3 in.

Operating Voltage

110-120V / 60Hz

Power Consumption

20 Watts

50 Watts

Power Cable Length

16 ft.

Flow Rate

250 gph

580 gph

Head Height

Up To 4 ft.

up to 7.2 ft.

UVC Power

7 Watts

9 Watts

Outlet Connection

1/2 in.

Pond Size (No Fish)

700 gal

1200 gal

Pond Size (Small Fish)

350 gal

600 gal

Pond Size (Koi)

175 gal

300 gal


2 Years


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