K&H Perfect Climate Deluxe Pond De-icer

250W or 750W Pond De-icer


Thermostatically controlled de-icer for ponds and water gardens

*          Versatile pond de-icer design allows floating or submersible use
*          "Smart" thermostat minimizes wear for reliable de-icer performance

Smart pond de-icer perfect for small or large ponds.  Energy efficient unit can be used as a floating or submersible de-icer to maintain an area of open water in ponds during winter.  Specially designed thermostat minimizes wear for reliable use, year after year.  Thermostatically controlled de-icer operates automatically once temperature falls.  All heating elements are enclosed to protect pond inhabitants and pond liner.  12-foot cord.

Directions for use as a floating De-Icer:

After unpacking your pond de-icer, simply extend the cord, place the heater into your pond in the desired location and plug it into your outdoor GFCI outlet. It is important to make sure the outlet is a GFCI outlet (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter). Once the surrounding water temperature falls, the Perfect Climate Deluxe Pond De-Icer will automatically turn on and off and keep an ice-free area to assist in the removal of toxic gas build-up in the water, which can be crucial to the wintering over of pond life.

Directions for use as a submersible De-Icer:

After unpacking your pond de-icer, press the 3 buttons on the sides of the support legs holding the floater ring. These buttons can be pressed one at a time to release the floater. Once the floater has been removed, place the pond de-icer in its desired location in the pond. Plug the de-icer into a GFCI outlet. It is important to make sure the outlet is a GFCI outlet (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter). The unit will begin to operate once the temperature falls and will keep an ice-free area.

Caring for your Perfect Climate Deluxe Pond De-Icer:

Occasionally check the heating element on your de-icer to ensure there is not excessive scale build-up on the element. Excessive scale build-up is a natural occurrence and is a result of minerals in the water. If it appears there is excessive build-up, unplug your de-icer and allow 1 minute before removing it from your pond. For easier cleaning, you may thread the power cord through the top of the housing. This will allow you to unscrew the heater from the base of the housing. Once the heater is removed from the housing, run the heater under warm water and wash it with a cloth and soapy water. If the scaling is difficult to remove in this manner, obtain a lime remover liquid. Simply soak the steel heating element in a shallow dish filled approximately 1/2 inch deep with the lime remover liquid. After soaking and cleaning, rinse and re-assemble the de-icer into the housing.

Storing your Perfect Climate Deluxe Pond De-Icer:
After spring warm-up, follow the care and cleaning instructions above. Store in a safe place for next season.

Item Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 5
Package Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 5
Item Weight: 3.5 lbs

 Internal thermostats automatically monitor water temperature and turn the unit on and off to keep the average water temperature just above freezing.  This unique technology ensures that your pond de-icer will only run as often as needed to maintain a hole in the ice.

Please note:  the thermostat on the de-icer is set to turn on and off between 45°F - 50°F (7°C - 10°C).

What this means:  
  1. Do not plug your de-icer in until ice has formed on the pond (and hasn't melted during the day).  
  2. If the water temperature is 45°F or 7°C the de-icer will run.  
  3. You may use a timer during winter so that the unit only runs for 12 hours per day.  
  4. At our current hydro rates, you can expect the cost of running the de-icer 24 hours per day to be about 80c a day.