Hikari CyroPro


A Liquid Concentrate Anchor Worm & Fish Lice Treatment!


Liquid CyroPro™ is a ready-to-use, liquid concentrate that was developed to offer the hobbyist an effective way to control conditions caused by anchor worm and fish lice in their pond, freshwater or marine aquarium. Extremely safe and super effective, this revolutionary product offers you rapid control yet will not negatively impact your biological filtration. Send those undesirable visitors on their way, try Liquid CyroPro™ today!


  • Treats Diseases & Conditions Caused by Anchor Worm (Lernaea)
  • Treats Diseases & Conditions Caused by Fish Lice (Argulidae)
  • Extremely Safe & Highly Effective
  • Won’t Negatively Impact Biological Filtration
  • May Be Used On Scaleless Fish
  • May Be Used Down To 45ºF ~ 7ºC


Pond Solutions®
16 oz.(473g) – (73366 – Treats 4,800 gallons)
1 Gal (3.78L) –  (73368 – Treats 38,400 gallons)


For treatment of cyromazine-susceptible disease conditions in pond, freshwater and marine aquariums.

As A Bath: For the control of disease conditions of fishes caused by fish lice and anchor worm. Start with new water or a large water change  (minimum 25% – more is better)using ULTIMATE®(or a combination of Liquid Buffered ClorAm-X® and Stress-X) to remove ammonia, chlorine and chloramines. Next remove carbon filtration, uv sterilization and stop form-fractionation (“protein skimming”) to prevent the removal of the CyroPro™ ingredients. Do not stop other filtration. Shake CyroPro™  vigorously and add at the rate of one (1) teaspoonful ~ 5 mL per 50 gallons ~ 189 L of water (1 fl. oz. ~ 29.5 mL per 300 gallons ~ 1,135 L). Distribute CyroPro™  around the perimeter of the pond or aquarium to insure rapid and complete mixing. Adding CyroPro™  via the filter where agitation occurs works well. Repeat the treatment regimen every seven (7) days for a minimum of twenty-one (21) uninterrupted days or a complete restart is required. A water change is required before each retreatment or addition of CyroPro™  to refresh dissolved oxygen levels, remove pollutants and nutrients for disease – causing organisms and to reduce the population of water-borne pathogens. Fresh activated carbon can be returned to the filter and all other functions can be restarted after the final treatment period.

Recommendations: Use Liquid CyroPro™ any time unwanted parasites are noticed.

Contraindications: CyroPro™ liquid is safe for use on all fishes, reptiles, (e.g. turtles) amphibians, (e.g. tadpoles and frogs) and mollusks (e.g. snails) in ornamental ponds or aquariums. It must not be used where crayfishes or other crustaceans are being cultured.

CAUTION: In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. In case of skin contact, wash with soap and plenty of water. If swallowed, rinse mouth with water (if person is conscious). Obtain medical advice.