AgSafe Aquatic-Tabs™

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All aquatic plants will benefit from being fertilized. Water lilies and lotuses in particular are heavy feeders, and require a lot of fertilizer each year in order to grow and bloom to their full potential.

To fertilize established plants, simply bury a Tab™ into the soil about 2”-3” away from the plant crown and about 3"-4” deep. Cover soil over any fertilizer hole. No other fertilizer is necessary until the following season.

AgSafe Aquatic-Tabs™ Pond Once-A-Year Biofertilizer

Special 10-26-10 polymer coated slow-release biofertilizer formulation feeds waterlilies and and all types of pond plants for an entire growing season (5-6 months.).

Contains micronutrients, humates for building aquatic soil around roots, sea kelp extracts to supply 76 trace minerals and natural plant growth hormones, and plant extracts to provide natural saponins which help to relieve environmental changes and plant stress. Ideal for tight root bound plants like lotus and lilies.


New Plantings:  Place AgSafe Aquatic-Tabs™ on aquatic soil about 3-4" away from plant root area. Add remaining aquatic soil and plant.  Drench soak aquatic soil and plant to activate fertilizer nutrients. Apply two AgSafe Aquatic-Tabs™ per 2 gallon size pond plant.

Established Plants:  Just insert AgSafe Aquatic-Tabs™ into aquatic soil about 3-4" away from plant crown and about 2-3" deep.  Cover aquatic soil holes.  No other fertilizer is necessary for 6-9 months.