CrystalClear® ParaSalt™

CrystalClear® ParaSalt™

CrystalClear® ParaSalt™ is formulated to increase koi and goldfish electrolytic intake. Electrolytes are critical in building and maintaining a healthy slime coat. Electrolytes such as potassium are essential in wound repair and in times of heavy stress (ie – during water changes or clean-outs). Salt is excellent for mucous production when healing from a wound.

Not All Salts Are Created Equally

Many common salts can be harmful to fish.  CrystalClear® ParaSalt™ is completely fish friendly!

CrystalClear® ParaSalt™ Dosage Rates:
Pond Size (In Gallons) Dosage (In Ounces)
Up To 100 Gallons 8 Ounces
Up To 200 Gallons 16 Ounces
Up To 300 Gallons 24 Ounces
Up To 400 Gallons 32 Ounces

When To Apply ParaSalt™

CrystalClear® ParaSalt™ can help aide in relieving fish stress and combating parasites and disease. For best results, use CrystalClear® ParaSalt™ when fish are exposed to high stress situations or when treating visible symptoms of stress, disease or parasites. CrystalClear® ParaSalt™ can be added after a water change or clean-out or during a seasonal change.

How To Apply ParaSalt™

CrystalClear® ParaSalt™ can be applied once a month at the prescribed rates above for routine applications.

For Bath Applications:

Add 16 oz of CrystalClear® ParaSalt™ for every 5 gallons of water in isolated bath with aeration. Place infected fish in the aerated bath for 5-10 minutes or until the fish begins to turn over. Remove fish immediately if fish shows any signs of stress. After bath place fish into a separate quarantine tank for 30 minutes and monitor.


Safety Data Sheet