Orb-3 Bacteria

Orb-3 Bacteria


With value-added trace minerals, Orb-3 Dry Bacteria Concentrate's beneficial microbes consume solids to improve water clarity and minimize muck buildup. You’ll fortify water, ensuring a well-balanced, fresh result!

Orb-3 Dry Bacteria Concentrate on Trace Mineral Carrier utilizes the same targeted beneficial bacteria as found in Orb-3 Dry Bacteria Concentrate on Fortifed Grain Carrier and upgrades the grain to an all-natural trace mineral carrier to accelerate performance. Orb-3 Dry Bacteria Concentrate on Trace Mineral Carrier contains a superior mixture of microbes that are both fast germinating and fast reproducing. These specialized strains have a high level of enzyme production capability and are targeted for water clarification and high-volume waste consumption. 

This blend digests duck, geese and fish waste, plant material, odor-causing volatiles, grease, oil, organic solids and slime which can bind organic contaminant. This product safely augments existing bacteria; consumes excess nutrient in the water column; and causes the natural degradation of organic contaminate to happen more efficiently in aerobic, facultative and anaerobic environments. 

With more to offer than the typical bacteria additives, this high-performance carrier contains over 80 micro nutrients, minerals, and trace elements along with a potent natural catalyst which revitalizes water, naturally inhibits increases in phosphorus and ammonia without any detrimental drop in pH, and leaves water polished.  Put an end to plant an animal waste and get the safe, effective solution with Orb-3.


Features & Benefits

  • Concentrated blend degrades solids and improves water clarity
  • Value added carrier includes trace minerals and enzyme catalyst to speed biological activity
  • Naturally consumes excess nutrients that promote unwanted growth
  • All-natural; pathogen free formula
  • Safe for fish, plants and humans



Mix with like weight and granule size carrier to make a product with the desired bacteria count in cfu/g


Proper circulation / aeration and increased dilution upon application will enhance product performance
Disperse product evenly over surface of water body to be treated
Apply when ambient temperature is 50°–90° F; dissolved oxygen level is over 1.0ppm; pH is 6 – 8; alkalinity is less than 100ppm