True Blue Pond Dye

True Blue Pond Dye


True Blue Pond Dye is used to help block out the sun to the aquatic weeds and algae in the pond.  True blue water dye is a vegetable water dye and is a safe and natural aquatic weed deterrent.  True blue can also be used to change color of brown or murky waters.  The true blue pond dye starts to block sunlight at about 4’ deep and deeper, reducing the growth of weeds and algae.  It takes oxygen and bacteria to break down the bottom decomposing plants.  The next year because there is less aquatic weeds there is more oxygen to help break down past years weed growths.  This helps to rejuvenate the pond and have cleaner water as well.

True blue pond dye comes in convenient solupacks that you throw into the water or in a 4L jug that you pour in spots around the edge.  The color can be topped up monthly as needed to keep the sun out.

Directions for use

Available in both handy solupacs (1 packet does a 50 x 100′ pond), top up monthly to block sunlight form weeds and algae. Tear open the foil outer packet and with 2 fingers throw the inside blue packet right into the pond on a calm day.  This way it will stay out in the pond till it dissolves and not float against the sides ( about 10 minutes).

For gallon use; 1 liter does a 50 x 100′ pond.  Top up the color every month to shade out the weeds and algae.