Atlantic Heavy Duty Pump Vaults


Heavy Duty Pump Vaults


Make your own pump vault! We offer four sizes of generic heavy duty pump Pump VaultNvaults which are ideal for pond-free and pondless aquatic systems and pond-free and pondless waterfalls.

Just drill your own holes in the bottom 1/3 of the basin to allow water to get to your pump or drill and cut as required for your project. These are super heavy duty one-piece construction and will not warp or crack when backfilled with stones or gravel. The heavy duty lid will support the weight of rocks and stones as well as foot traffic.

Four Pump Vault Sizes Available

15" Pump Vault
Capacity: 15 Gallons
Dimensions: 16.5" W x 17.5" H
Top Diameter: 16.5"
Max Flow: 3,000 GPH
Weight: 12 lbs
22" Pump Vault
Capacity: 20 Gallons
Dimensions: 21" W x 21.5" H
Top Diameter: 18"
Max Flow: 10,000 GPH
Weight: 14 lbs