Microbe-Lift Broad Spectrum Disease Treatment (All in one)


Broad Spectrum Disease Treatment

Use for diseases caused by Ichthyophthirius (Ich), Chilodonella, Costia, Oodinium, Trichodina and fungal infections.

Active Ingredients:  Malachite Green and Formalin

Broad Spectrum Disease Treatment is formulated differently than any other malachite green and formalin mix.

Malachite green and formalin are two drugs that are more effective and less toxic in combination than when used individually.  What makes Broad Spectrum Disease Treatment the preeminent product in this field is the fact that it is formulated with malachite green chloride, instead of the more toxic oxalate salt.  This makes it less toxic to koi and goldfish than other malachite green and formalin product on the market.  As with any malachite green and formalin treatment, do NOT use with other medications.

Broad Spectrum Disease Treatment is the ONLY malachite green and formalin treatment that can be used in water temperatures as low as 50◦F, thus allowing you to treat in early spring and late fall.'

The treatment may be repeated every 8 to 12 hours depending upon the response of the fish to the treatment.  Do not bypass your bio-filters, allowing a more comprehensive treatment of the entire pond system.


  • Water
  • Formaldehyde (<22%)
  • Malachite green chloride (<0.2%)
  • 16 oz Treats up to 4,800 gals

Directions for Use

Add 3.5 fl.oz. (100 ml) for every 1,000 gallons of water to be treated.


    • Follow directions carefully.
    • Keep out of reach of children
    • DANGER: May be harmful or FATAL if swallowed!
    • This product is intended for use with all ornamental pond fish and may not be used with fish intended for human consumption.
    • Not for human or veterinary medical use.


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