Aquabac Mosquito Control





AQUABAC® Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis (Bti)

Natural & Effective Control For Mosquitoes and Black Flies!


Bti is a bacteria that specifically targets mosquitoes and black flies in their larval stage, but is harmless to beneficial insects, wildlife, humans, pets or livestock.

How Aquabac Works:
Bti is eaten by the mosquito larva and becomes highly toxic to the larva killing them within minutes after ingestion. Since the bacteria are harmless to other mosquito and black fly larva predators, these predators continue to feed on the larva and work in concert with Bti to keep the larva population in check. This means use of Bti does not cause collateral damage to high use areas and leaves no chemical residue to contaminate the environment.

Bti can be used in any habitat that supports mosquito or black fly larvae including any standing water such as tree wells, tires, downspout puddles, rain barrels, bird baths, unused swimming pools and more!


• Flood Water
• Roadside Ditches       
• Rice Fields
• Pastures
• Woodland Pools
• Snowmelt Pools
• Tidal Water
• Salt Marshes
• Catch Basins
• Storm Water Retention Areas
• Lakes
• Golf Course Ponds
• Irrigation Ponds
• Ornamental & Landscape Ponds
• Water Gardens
• Green Houses
• Nurseries


Bti can be applied to almost any aquatic habitat without environmental impact concerns. It is important to note that AQUABAC® should not be used directly in water sources for human consumption.

How to Apply:
AQUABAC®Bti can be applied by hand broadcast or a hand spreader in smaller areas, or by standard ground or aerial dispersing methods for larger areas. Manufacturer recommends an interval of 7 to 14 days between applications.

Usage Rate:

2 good pinches treats an area 3ft x 3ft.  Double the dose for murky water.

500g container treats 1,000 m2of water surface or (10,000 ft2).



Treatment can start early in spring.  Apply evenly on the water surface.


Takes 24 hours for maximum effect on larvae.  If necessary re-apply every 7-10 days.  Repeat after heavy rain fall.